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on July 8, 2012

“All the best. You are going to a place where even I would think twice before moving.” was how my north indian friend responded when I said I would be shifting to Noida. “The area in which your office is located is where the major news channels are located. So that sector is absolutely safe. But be careful when you look for a house in other sectors” said another friend of mine who has been in Noida for more than 3 years. “Ensure that you have a guard for your house. And yes, don’t tell your salary to guard because there have been instances when guard has killed occupants for money.” said a colleague of mine during my house-hunting process.  Not really reassuring words one would say. 

It has been around a month and half since I moved to the land of behenji  Yadavs. To be very honest, it has been a decent start in this new place. Coming from Chennai where the temperature varies from hot to hotter to hottest and having stayed in Surathkal where humidity takes a new meaning altogether, adjusting to Delhi’s heat was not a problem. (I am more worried about winters, which my colleagues say is more severe than that in Kolkata). Having a power backup means that I am not really tortured by the frequent power cuts ( which by the way is far lesser than what I experiences in my native. However, I do read that there are places in NCR which have been facing like 18 hours of power cut daily). 

Last mile connectivity is a big problem. The minimum fare in an auto seems to be 50 Rs (one of those unwritten rules which you discover with experience). People in general seem to be less helpful than in Mumbai. (Again this is based on my limited interaction, opinion might change as I interact with more and more people. And of course, I am not including my colleagues/friends in this category).  And there seem to be very few tams in this place, hardly a theatre or two screen tam movies, that too in neighboring Ghaziabad. It has been ages since I have heard anyone speaking tam (ok, except couple of weeks back when I met my friend from college).  

My Noida journey has just begun, and I guess it will take some more time before I could say I understand the culture here.

Shopkeeper: Noida mai naye ho kya?

Me: Aapko kaisa pata chala?

Shopkeeper: Yahan koi thank you aur dhanyavaad nahi bolta. (I had told thank you when my transaction with the shopkeeper was over). 


2 responses to “Noida

  1. Hamsini says:

    LOL at the thank you bit. That’s what the auto guy here told me 🙂

    You’d get used to it, we eventually all do.

  2. Searching Tamil screen in Noida? LOL!

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